Tiranga Agent Bonus Table: The picture shows a bonus table of daily agent invites, recharge amounts, and agent bonuses. You can also review the terms and conditions of the event to ensure you receive the desired bonus.

Tiranga Agent Bonus Table

Tiranga App agents daily bonus

Every Invite Boosts Your Bonus! As an agent, your rewards grow with each invitation you send. The more you invite, the larger your profits.
Start expanding your network today and watch your earnings soar!

Unlock the power of your network with the Tiranga Games Agent’s Daily Bonus, an exclusive reward program designed to amplify your earnings as you expand the Tiranga games community. This daily bonus isn’t just any reward; it’s a testament to your ability to connect and invite new members to our vibrant platform. 

The more subordinates you bring into the fold each day, the more substantial your bonus becomes. This incentive is meticulously crafted to recognize and reward your efforts in growing our community, offering a direct link between your outreach success and your financial rewards. Seize the opportunity to turn every day into a chance to enhance your earnings while contributing to the Tiranga Games family’s growth.

How to Invite Friends In Tiranga Games Application?

Here are three easy steps on how to invite friends to Tiranga application and claim your bonuses:

Tiranga promotion page
Click Promotion
Tiranga promotion link
Copy Invitation Link
tiranga app promotion
Share Link

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After inviting friends, you can message TirangaTeacher (Teacher Moana) to claim your bonus and receive assistance along with other helpful tips on how to increase your profits in the Tiranga Platform. Just click on the image below to contact teacher. 

tiranga Game teacher

Teacher Moana

Tiranga App Teacher

Hi, I'm Teacher Moana from Tiranga Game. If you need any help with deposits, withdrawals, or bonuses, please feel free to message me for assistance.